Wealth With God

You are a new breed of Kingdom Wealth-Builders who will use your resources to shape the course of world history…without building a golden calf. 

You turn your dollars into soldiers to accomplish Kingdom purposes. 

Your wealth will transform families, cities, nations and atmospheres. 

For you, money is just another way to be intimate with Jesus. 

You have an assignment from heaven. 

It’s time for breakthrough.


 Imagine what it would be like if...

  • You had the provision for your vision
  • You didn’t have to ask money for permission to obey God or do what’s in your heart
  • You never worried about finances again
  • Move from a budget to abundance 
  • You broke through your limiting beliefs
  • You had clear actions steps to take towards your wealth building daily
  • Scarcity and deprivation were not part of your life 
  • You turned your dollars into soldiers to accomplish Kingdom purposes