Water Walkers
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Do you desire freedomsignificanceintimacypurposemeaning, and fulfillment? Do you long to discover what makes you truly come alive, how you were specifically designed with a unique destiny,  and learn the tools that will help you achieve your goals and dreams?

There is MORE to this life!...
But religion and performance leave you exhausted and without answers.  Let us tell you a SECRET: it is not so much about needing to do something but rather discovering who you are meant to become.  When you learn and embrace who you are and Whose you are (YOUR IDENTITY) and that you were created with a purpose, life becomes an adventure to be lived rather than a matter of survival.

Let us help you discover the FIVE OBSTACLES that mask your true identity and keep you in the boat of mediocrity, so that you can OVERCOME THEM and STEP OUT INTO YOUR DESTINY and BECOME A WATER WALKER

Taste the freedom purchased through the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus and live from inheritance by walking in the fullness of your identity.

This changes everything!

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