William is a husband to Diane and they have been married for 28 years. They have two daughters, Kaylea and Kelsie and have livd in Fayetteville, Arkansas since 1991. William has a business background in sales and marketing and has worked with companies all all sizes from a Fortune 500 company to a small start-up and many different businesses in between. 

William's passion for most of his life has been in the area of personal development. Since the early 1980's when he purchased his first cassette tape series by Zig Ziglar, William has been quietly studying the core concepts of what make a person tick. Over the year's this has developed into a true passion as William went from understanding sales and marketing to moving into studying spiritual concepts that would help him grow closer to his understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Because of this intersection of personal development and spiritual study, William has stepped into his new calling as an overcomer counselor. 

William has also been a member of the Methodist Church for his entire life and has served the Lord in many capacities. Those include being on the board of the Amazon River Ministries, missions trips to the Amazon and Mongolia and participation in Promise Keepers, the Emmaus Walk, Fasting & Prayer and the National Day of Prayer.